Top 10 Nightclubs You Should Have On Your Bucket list!

We went around searching for the Top 10 Best Nightclubs around the world so you can have the best night of your life!

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Avalon, Hollywood

Starting The Top 10 Nightclubs List at Number
BCM Planet Dance
Magalluf, Spain
Capacity- 4,000+

BCM Mallorca aka BCM Dance Planet might have took our number 10 spot but it is preferred among many of the clubbers. This Nightclub is by far the biggest club among the Magalluf clubbers and has 3 separate floor like the Main Room and the Vip Lounge, Millenium, the floor below BCM and the Terrace for Smoking area and bar. It massive space and amazing environment creates a long lasting impression among it’s guests. With main man Gordon Phillips coordinating, the club has hosted many events with superstar DJs like Martin Garrix, Avicii, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, and even with the former World number One Hardwell.
From a 125,000W Funktion One Sound System to Europe’s largest 3D Tarm Laser show to a ice cold Megatron, all of it contributes to it’s immersive atmosphere.
From Foam Party, Water Party, Paint Party to the outrageous Washing Machine Party, BCM host everything you can think of in the Millenium.
If you are thinking of booking your ticket to BCM Planet Dance, wait no more, just book it & have the best night in your life. To know more check out their website.

Playa Den Bossa, Ibiza, Spain
Capacity- 5,000

Holding the ground strong for six years, Ushuaia is the ibiza’s go-to place for clubbers visiting the spanish island. From launching DJs like Luciano and Sasha into stardom to massive sets from headliners like Axwell Ingrosso, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, ushuaia did it all. This Palladium Hotel Group Club is attached to a 417 super luxurious rooms hotel. Which doesn’t only provide a top view to the DJ booth but also a captivating view of the Mediterranean Sea.
May it be for it’s crisp sound system or be it for those amazing sets infront of the never ending LED screen, people always crams in & around the famous pool. The massive wooden dome DJ booth relates more to a festival rather than a club. Though this club has a maximalist sound but the minimaslistic decor contrast very well with the surroundings. During the day time people here may party under the Balearic sun but after the mesmerising sunset on the Mediterranean, the party animals are bathed in a cool blue & warm red lights. To it’s already amazing resume the pyrotechnics adds an extra bonus.
From booking to detail 360º viewing, Ushuaia’s website provide everything for your convenience.

Maresias, Brazil
Capacity- 4,000

As most Dance Music artist calls these countries as “emerging countries”. Sirena is situated in such a country called Brazil. But infact, Sirena has been THE NIGHTCLUB that has been serving dance music for more than 2 decades in the country. This shows Brazilian interest in dance music goes back in time. Far away from the noise of the country’s business capital, Sirena is located in Marasias, which is an amazingly small beach town few hour drive from Sao Paulo. This make Sirena the go-to place out of all nightclubs present in the country.  Though like many other nightclubs, Sirena’s still impressive main dance floor is enclosed. But the main attraction for party animals is it’s second stage where the people can enjoy the warm Brazilian climate. And the trees and jungle around the dance floor create quite the feeling when late night parties end up being sun rise sets.
As acts like Afrojack and Vinai demolishes the house, they still have a taste for some groovy adventures like Martinez Brothers and Kolombo.
Sirena proves that Brazil is not only famous for it soccer or coffee but it also influence the Dance Music taste. So next time you are packing your bag for Brazil, don’t forget to put Sirena in your bucket list and visit their website for watching their photo gallery or to book your own ticket.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Capacity- 3,000+
It started out in the offshoot of Studio 54, inside MGM Grand in April, 2013. Since then Hakkasan has never took a step back. From ranking thrice on the DJMag Club pool to residented by top 10 superstar DJs, from the Mainstage to huge Fort Knox equivalent club. Hakkasan has it all. Hakkasan has created some serious atmospheric backdrop including the restaurant, private dining room, Ling Ling level,The Main Nightclub, pavilion and mezzanine. Every inch is craftily designed for a night that builds as the ambience gradually transforms. On the third floor is where you’ll find the 10,000-square-foot Ling Ling Lounge. Celebrities, business tycoons, bros with big wallets and pretty young ladies can be seen all around the establishment. The Pavillion is an extension of the main nightclub. The amphitheatre-style setting boasts a story water feature and lush, life-like foliage. The mezzanine is where you party above the commoners VIP-style while still tapping energy from the dancefloor below.
If you are one of those young folks who are screaming “Vegas, here I come” at this moment. I would say calm down a bit and do your financial math before visiting. Each and every details about them is available in their website. Yes, you can even book your ticket at this very moment.
Hope-What Happens in Vegas,- Stays in Vegas!

Zouk Singapore
Capacity- 3,000
Out of all the asian nightclubs, ZOUK. Started in the 90s, the central aim of the club was to introduce dance music to its nation & propel the asian dance scene forward. They not only put Singapore firmly on the dance music map but also gone on to win several awards from the Singapore Tourism Board. For the last 25 years, they has not only operated under the banner of being a super club but has an annual dance music festival headlined by Paul Van Dyk, Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth on their mainstage.
Though winning 9 times the status of “Nightspot Of The Year” from the board. Zouk is continuously being pressurized by the government and property developers to relocate. The institute started a campaign #SaveZouk for this problem which is supported by over 40,000 people.
Zouk has five distinctly zone like intimate, jetblack & velvet room. Don’t ask us what happens in the intimate zone!
Sounds from John Digweed & Riccardo Villalobos have proven time and again their credibility for keeping alive the underground scene. This creates a nice contrast along the mainside, more commercially focused, Zouk room which is heavy on chic architectural designs and complemented by newage video mapping technologies.
So if your have a day in between your flights or just trying to get out of your regular life and thinking of breathing the asian air within. Remember Zouk in your heart. Details about them are available in their website.

Seoul, South Korea
Capacity- 3,000
For the last few years the premier club, Octagon, has been gaining its own international reputation, bringing big-room thrills to its subterranean lair underneath the New Hilltop Hotel. Once a three-story basement karaoke lounge bar. Now a days it’s a Funktion-One fitted rave cave that plays host to the area’s young, well-heeled clientele. Taking its musical lead from the US mainstream, the polished, industrial minimalism of the main room, based on its founders’ experiences of rave-era warehouse parties, but now surrounded by a VIP balcony and private rooms, mainly plays host to EDM.
From big names like Dadda Life and Andrew Rayel to Fedde Le Grand and DVBBS, who have all visited in the last year to underground talent including AK, Beejay, Daishi Dance, Pascal and many more, pour out some serious bass in the club.
If you are more of a foodie, the club restaurant can whip up anything from lobsters to the finest steak. And once you’ve washed that down with a bottle of champagne, you can strip off and dive into the club’s indoor pool.
If South Korea is on your travel list then don’t miss out Octagon. Their website even has a VIP booking page.

Ibiza, Spain
Capacity- 3,000
There are very few clubbers in the world who don’t recognize the famous Pacha Cherry logo.
Keeping up with tradition of the club, Pacha is famous for it’s more commercialized music scene with artist like Steve Aoki, Rehab, Chuckie, Nervo, Benny Benassi to Ibiza’s famous party brand F**K Me I’m Famous from none other than David Guetta.
From the 90’s Guetta (along with his wife Cathy) have tore down pacha week after week for two decade.On recent interview Guetta said “Pacha Ibiza is my favourite club in the world,” “It’s at the same time sexy and musically credible. It just feels like home.”
Underground German DJ Solomun’s Solomun + 1 residency will also be back after many sell out runs in the past, thanks to the much-loved DIYnamic boss. Sven Vath, Âme, DJ Tennis, DJ Koze, Michael Mayer, Ida Engberg, Pachanga Boys and many more have joined Solomun in the booth, whilst Solomun has taken the reigns solo for the Solomon + 1 closing every year.
Though being famous for it’s mainstream sounds, Pacha have maintained some serious contrast with it’s underground acts.
Clubbers each year hop on this Spanish island during the summer time mainly to visit their favorite club out of the immense number of nightclubs compared to the small size of the island.
If you are one of them or for the first time visiting Ibiza do check out Pacha. They have a very informative website to help you with.

Ibiza, Spain
Capacity- 4,000
There are very few nightclubs in the world where watching the sunrise from its terrace is more celebrated than Amnesia. Unfortunately the club’s famous open air terrace was recently covered due to sound complaints from neighbours.
As founded in an old rural farm site back in 70s, Amnesia is one of the greatest grandparents of the island. Starting from rock to pop to funk to soul, the club morphed to form a full scale nightclub after the boom of Balearic beats in the 80s.
From hosting famous club nights like Sven Väth’s Cocoon and famed house party La Troya, they have hosted some new school classics like Marco Carola’s Music On to Tuesday night party, too! Their latest season’s sets include Claptone, Andy C, Amine Edge & Dance, Netsky and more.
From the controversial Paris Hilton’s Foam and Diamond Party which attracts a more EDM oriented crowd to underground sets like Paco Osuna, Jamie Jones, tINI, Bill Patrick and Stacey Pullen, Josh Wink, Mano Le Tough, Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg, Solomun, Seth Troxler, Ricardo Villalobos- Amensia does it all.
Despite the club’s age, Amnesia is still famous for it’s terrace sets becoming a sunrise set, so sunglasses are important if you are booking your special priced ticket from their website.

Camboriu, Brazil
Capacity- 8,000
It’s Brazil again, taking the 2nd position with it’s world renowned club Green Valley! After winning the 2015 DJ Mag Top 100 clubs pool, The nightclub lived up to the title as World No.1 for 12 months slewing some top notch booking over the year. From mainstage acts like Hardwell, Axwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to house heroes like Noir, Sharam Jay and Sirus Hood to dance music legends like Fatboy Slim and David Guetta.
Starting back in 2007, Green Valley started its life as nothing more than a makeshift teepee in the middle of an airfield, host some local rave events. Since then Green Valley’s expansion was so big that it’s now more of a festival than a nightclub.
Consisting of three rooms in total, the nightclub is also fitted with an impressive laser shows, CO2 cannons and several whopping Funktion 1 soundsystems, plus an elevated VIP mezzanine, a massive man-made lake and a GV merch store, even a salon for ladies to look rave ready.
Technical improvements and international DJ bookings aside, the Brazilian crowd themselves being the friendliest and hard partying people in the world, brings the club to life.
From every details to booking your own tickets, Green Valley’s website is at your service.

Before commencing to our Number 1 here are some of our honourable mentions

Ibiza, Spain
Capacity- 5,000


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