Mat Zo: ‘Meet the best ghost-producers!’

It happened like this: the British disk jockey Matan Zohar, better known by the stage name Mat Zo, posted various tweets about some of the most successful artists on the EDM scene in the last few hours. Mat has, in fact, revealed a list containing many names of the most famous ghost producers who work every day (and paid well for it) to create the hits for the biggest artists.

Aside from a few unexpected names, there isn’t much new information on the list (found at the bottom of this article). Indeed, during the last few months, whispers about ‘ghost producers’ have been heard more often around icons such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DVBBS, Quintino etc. If Mat Zo’s affirmations were to be confirmed, how would the fans of these idols react?

My personal opinion about this, not to detract from the accuracy of this source, can only be objective. Unfortunately, the current ‘DJ-ing’ phenomenon is taking a different path to those of times past, and in certain cases is becoming truly inaccessible even for those with the most talent on the scene.

Nowadays, the privileged, wealthy few take precedence over everyone else; this is clear just by looking at some of the musical projects created in the last copule of months. This has also given rise to less originality to some sub-genres of EDM (such as Big-Room, Melbourne and Future House). EDM, in my opinion, is beginning to become entirely driven by business, risking all that it had to offer us artistically speaking.

The same Mat Zo declared that everything that he is spreading in the network at the moment is in the defence of the talent that is being diminished at the expense of profit. Now, it remains to be seen how the movement will react towards the artist from London after these severe accusations agains the whole world, according to some sources, after some dissenters with the label Armin van Buuren, l’Armada.


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