Martin Garrix under the spotlight: here’s our interview!

We’d already met him at Amsterdam Dance Event (here’s the meeting/interview) but it’s always a pleasure to chat with him: we also managed to interview Martin Garrix at Miami! The third best DJ in the world according to DJMag, the Dutch talent definitely has no need of an introduction: thanks to a string of hits and Main Stages he’s conquered millions of fans around the world. This is the interview!

  • STMPD Records is your new label: did you decide to start it after the termination of Spinnin, or was it a decision that you’d mulled over for a while?

It came later. After Spinnin, I wanted a label for new talents where I could also release my own music. With Spinnin records I’ve had great times, but with the new label we’ll invest a lot in the newer talents.

  • We’ve seen your after movie of Ultra South Africa, how would you describe it?

I love South Africa, the energy and the warmth of the people. It was a fantastic experience, I’ll definitely go back.

  • On snapchat you were with Sebastian Ingrosso, what was happening?

We have a collaboration underway, we were in the studio to edit the drop that Sebastian doesn’t like. But he’s really excited about this collaboration.

  • Tell us about your new album?

I’ll finish the selection of 14-15 tracks for the album in April, I can’t wait till you all hear it!

  • For the EMA’s you played in Milan, how did you feel?

To play by the cathedral was wonderful, it’s a splendid place, and is definitely in my TOP 5 favourite locations where I’ve played. I hope to go back soon.

We thank Martin Garrix and Media Nanny for the availability.


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