Deorro under the spotlight: this is our interview!

Who hasn’t danced to the beat of Perdóname, Bailar or Five Hours? This is the magic of Deorro: every track is a hit. At 14 he began to play in local clubs and parties, at 16 he started to self-produce tracks, and, since then, he hasn’t stopped, managing to get into the TOP 100 DJ’s ranked by DJMag. Bailer is his latest hit, in collaboration with Elvis Crespo. It’s a track that blends the different backgrounds of the two artists: the distinctly dance one of Deorro, and the latin one of Crespo. We discover more on Erick Orrosquiesta, aka Deorro.

You tour all over the world, in different contexts: do you prefer to play in festivals or clubs?

I prefer clubs, because it’s a more intimate experience. It’s much more fun to play in festivals, but in clubs, you get a different kind of contact with the audience.

Everyone knows the current Deorro – DJ and producer. Let’s go back to the past: when you were 14, what did you want to do when you were older?

I wanted to be a surgeon! I probably would have done it if my music career hadn’t taken off.

Who would you pick if you had to make a list of your personal TOP3 artists?

I would choose Joachim Garraud, who’s a great performer, Dada Life and DJ Marky.

Travelling the world, do you manage to find time and inspiration for production? 

I’m still learning how to balance production and DJ-ing, especially since production needs time, meaning I have to balance live shows with the time spent producing.

What will you release next from your studio?

“Going Up” and “Tell Me Lies” will be out next. I’ve spent a lot of time producing Tell Me Lies, it’s a record I particularly care about.

Do you play any instruments? Do you think it’s necessary to know how to play instruments in order to produce?

Piano, guitar… I’m not great, but I’m decent. Other than instruments, though, I make different sounds with my voice: I record it and then modify it! I believe it’s necessary to understand the instrument, the musical theory for producing.

We thank Deorro and Anna Graf for the availability.


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