Axwell /\ Ingrosso, under the spotlight: here’s our interview!

We’ve been at the Alfa Future People Festival over the last couple of days (within the upcoming days, our report on the subject will be posted) and we have had the pleasure of meeting the duo of the moment: ex members of Swedish House Mafia, writers of pieces of electronic music’s history… Axwell /\ Ingrosso!

From their first live show as Axwell /\ Ingrosso to their Governors Ball Music Festival, it’s been a long journey: Something New, On My Way and Dream Bigger are only some of the worldwide hits that they’ve released in these months. This is the chat we had with them at our meeting!

Your fans have been waiting for ages for your album: when will it be released?

Actually, the album is already out! (On twitter, they announced that all the singles already released are extracts that make up the entire album.)

Last year, Steve Angello played here at Alfa Future People. Will a reunion be possible in the future?

At the moment, we have no idea.

When you disbanded Swedish House Mafia, you shot a documentary/ film on the subject. Would it be possible to do the same, and shoot a documentary/film on the ‘story’ of Axwell /\ Ingrosso?

That’s not a bad idea!

What do you think of Russia and it’s people?

They’re great, we’ve got lots of Russian friends: Shapov, Meg & Nerak, Matisse & Sadko, Hard Rock Sofa.

Do you remember your first performance as a duo?

Hmm, good question! It was for Governors Ball in New York, really fantastic. New place, new songs… first live show for Axwell /\ Ingrosso!

When is your latest hit with Shapov, Where I Belong, expected to be released?

The release date is set to be very soon, over the next few days!

We thank Axwell /\ Ingrosso and Alfa Future People for the availability. 


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