Andrew Rayel under the spotlight: here’s our interview!

Andrew Rayel is one of the most respected names on the worldwide trance scene despite his young age (24 years old). At only 14 years old, he began to produce and develop his own style,

then going on to launch his career at 17 years old. His tracks are supported by all the leaders of the electronic scene, from Tiesto to Armin Van Buuren. To learn more about Andrew Rayel, read the rest of this interview!

  • Tell us how your latest track, Epiphany, was born!

My music is always in evolution. I always try to create something new but my fans ask me to go back to my old sound. So I decided to try something in the old Andrew Rayel style, with some new touches.

  • You’re experimenting with new sounds and new musical “journeys”: is a new album on the way, by any chance?

Yes I’m working on a new album with a lot of new music that will probably be out by the beginning of next year. Some tracks are being played by W & W and Armin Van Buuren as ID’s, I can’t say which, but they are a part of my new album. It will be a very varied album in terms of genre; there’ll be trance but also some more house-style elements, as well as drifting into more chill sounds.

  • Who inspires you in production?

I began with trance music ,so artists like ATB, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren. I was listening to those artists on the radio and when I studied music I thought, “I want to produce like them, create melodies like that.”

  • If you had to make a TOP3 list of DJ’s/ Producers?

I’d say Armin Van Buuren, W&W, and Axwell /\ Ingrosso.

  • Can we define you as Armin Van Buuren’s protégé: tell us about your relationship with him!

I owe him a lot, he’s been the person who has taken me to this level, promoting my music. We have become very close friends, we exchange opinions often, we’ve collaborated in the past and I’d love to do so again, maybe this or next year!

  • What has struck you the most, in your relationship, about Armin Van Buuren?

He’s the most simple man in the world, he’s always got two feet on the ground, and is very direct. He’s great!

We thank Andrew Rayel for the availability.


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