Alesso under the spotlight: here’s our interview!

He’s one of the most famous Swedish artists in the world, the writer of hits including Heroes, If I Lose Myself (Alesso Remix), Under Control, Years, and countless others. After many years, he’s back in Italy to perform at Barzio’s Nameless Music Festival and, before meeting him at Ultra Europe, we found a way to interview him here in Italy: this is our interview with Alessandro Lindblad, aka Alesso!

  • Your latest track, I Wanna Know, is the umpteenth worldwide success that came out of your studio: tell us the story about this track!

It’s with Nico & Vinz, they wanted to do a studio session with me, and I accepted because I really like them. We went into the studio, starting with just an idea, but we were really quick: in about two days it was basically finished.

  • Forever, your first album, was much-anticipated and much-appreciated by your fans. Is another album already in the works?

We’ll see, at the moment we’ll release some singles, I’ll do another album but I’m not sure. Over the next few years, I believe.

  • What do you like about Italy?

The food, obviously! I love it all: from the pasta to Milanese.

  • Basketball or football?


  • Pizza or pasta?


  • Playstation or Xbox?


  • What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Your career won’t matter to anyone as much as it does to yourself, it’s you who has to invest in yourself, don’t rely exclusively on other people: put in the maximum effort, whatever you want to do, and you’ll manage it!

  • Is there someone who has helped you concretely in your career

Definitely my manager and my friend Sebastian Ingrosso, who’s like a brother to me.

  • Your favourite collaboration?

Heroes with Tove Lo and the OneRepublic remix, definitely.

– Your worldwide TOP3 ?

TOP3? Good question… Jack U, Marco Carola and Sebastian Ingrosso.

We thank Alesso and Universal Music Italia for their availability.


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