2017: The return of Avicii

Amongst the names that have contributed to changing the mainstream EDM game, Tim Bergling (better known as Avicii) is definitely at the forefront. A true pioneer in revolutionising the genre, he managed to conquer a large part of commercial listeners in a short space of time, thanks to tracks like “Levels” (a world hit) or “Silhouettes” (considered as a follow-up to Levels), another great success.

All of this was enhanced by live performances in major world festivals, the most famous clubs in the world, and even performances in Italy on numerous occasions. In short, it was a project that seemed destined to rise, heading towards Avicii’s consecration in the most influencing DJ/Producers of all time’s hall of fame

His rise was slowed down, however, by a shock announcement last year. The artist confirmed he wanted to retire from the live scene and dedicate himself exclusively to studio production.

Many of his fans incoherently attempted to explain his decision – some maintain that the artist ran out of inspiration, others are convinced that it was due to health issues and some even say that it was due to drug involvement.

Due to an announcement made a few days ago, the Swedish DJ’s name is back on everyone’s lips. Via a photo published on instagram, he stated that he was ready for a new beginning, announcing a new album that, in his own words, will be “the best damn album of my career,” accompanied by the hashtags #nopressure and #greattobeback.

With this intention, Avicii seems ready for an intense 2017. Perhaps we may even see him surmount The Chainsmoker’s “annoying” domination of the EDM scene.

Like all his fans, we will definitely be following the development of this news, in the hope that Tim will be back soon to gift us with the great music we can expect from him.


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